Ba2a, YEAR 2

As I did with my own colours, we came together as a group to mix up our 4 chosen colours and test how they looked against each other before printing.

group colours

This was a quicker process than when I worked on my own, as we all took a colour each to mix up and test, referring to each other for help and questions.

Printing day came around quickly, and we were happy to be printing at the beginning of the week as we were excited to see the outcome.

It took a while to set up our screens, as it is vital they are all measured accurately against the printing tables so that the repeat lines up without it being obvious where the cut line is. Once this was done it was time to apply to colour, and it has to be done 1 colour at a time, each being done in 2 stages so as not to disturb the wet print and also to allow the screen to dry in between washes.

I think we worked really well as a team for the whole day, as we were constantly being productive. This included taking it in turns to wash the screens, taping up the next screen ready for printing and drying off the print.

The colours are not quite what we thought they were going to be due to an error in scaling up the recipe, however I am still delighted with the outcome, and feel all of our hard work has paid off.


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