Ba2a, YEAR 2

Before the weekend, I spent 2 days in the print room mixing up colours and testing them before we created the final repeat print. It took a long time for me to get my own colours right, however I was ensuring accuracy so that the print would look the best that it could.  In the future I would possibly start the colour testing a little earlier because of how long it took, especially as I want to ensure 100% precision.

It was exciting once I started testing the colours as they were how I had envisaged them whilst I was doing looking at the WGSN trend report. Colour Testing

It was important that I tested the order of the colours layering up as well, to ensure that they would work against each other and would be visible once other layers had been placed on top.

Before the design was printed, I created a digital mock up of how the outcome would potentially look in my colour way. This was a relatively quick task, as I already had the black and white version from the one I used to create the group colours. I used the eyedropper tool to get the colours from the Pantone colour palette, and placed the on the layers I thought most appropriate for each colour. I was pleased with this design and looking forward to seeing the final print in the flesh.

Below shows the comparison between the digital and printed samples.

Overall I am pleased with my own print, and happy that the colours came out how I had planned. As a S/S 18 colour trend, the design has a cool and light summery feel, and would be appropriate for a variety of applications such as bedding for interiors, or a fun summer skirt.



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