Ba2a, YEAR 2

I have been slow in keeping up with my blog this half of the unit, however I have been hard at work in completing ideas for future pattern. These have developed a lot since the last post and I have finally finished the project and its outcomes.

Whilst I was on my placement I visited Gods own Junkyard in Walthamstow, which is a ‘museum’ full of vintage neon signs. This had a massive influence on the rest of the project as I was able to collect lots of visual imagery and research to inspire more designs. A handful of the images I gathered are shown below.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 13.18.26

Everywhere you looked, there was a different point of light, and this got me thinking about busy patterns where there would be a lot of information to look at. This train of thought led me to the idea of kaleidoscopes and how I could use my images to create neon and glowing patterns. Using adobe software I moved my images forward and started creating hypnotic patterns.

I was really pleased with these designs as I felt they were getting across my idea of neon glow, as I could use the photographs which has the colour intensity I was after. I had done drawings from photographs but they did not achieve the same glowing effect, even when I used different fluorescent materials.  Another thing I experimented with was printing these designs onto fluorescent paper, this did work as well as I had hoped as the designs became really dark an d lost their intensity. If I had more time I think it could be interesting to see about creating designs to go specifically onto the fluorescent papers as this would then have the impact of the colour.


With these designs needing to be for a fashion context, I immediately decided they would be for menswear however I couldn’t decide what context would be most appropriate. My initial thoughts were for mens shirts, and you can see an example of a design in the images below. img_9548-e1518184231113.jpg

This shows an example of 1 design at 3 different scales. I think that the larger scales are working however they then become placement prints and this would be a difficult thing to manufacture every shirt to be cut in the same place. I also think the smallest scale of the design is very successful, as for menswear it tends not to be too over the top large scale prints. It was after looking at these designs that I concluded to move the designs onto mens ties instead, as the smaller scale would work for these and would add a splash of colour to a mans outfit without being too gaudy. This then makes the designs more appealing to a wider audience.

Due to having to take time out for my placement I wasn’t able to push the project too far as I cannot afford to fall behind, however I am happy with my final outcomes and I think the designs really suit their context, and link together as a collection.


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