Ba2a, YEAR 2

My newest project is entitled Future Pattern – Designing for Fashion and the aim is to produce a collection of 6 repeat designs for a fashion context. My initial inspiration comes from a recent trip to Iceland where I was lucky enough to see the northern lights. Thinking about this amazing phenomenon and how I could link it to my project, I started a mind map which led me to a range of ideas along the lines of futuristic and sci-fi where I want to explore light in depth. Examples could be backlights, lasers, holograms, projections or neon signage.

Following this I bought some glow sticks and started experimenting with photographing them in the dark.


As you can see from the photos above, they are quite effective, and I did experiment with a variety of shots including movement where I tried to make shapes with the light, however these were not as successful as I’d imagined. It was quite fun playing with the longer exposure times and I think I would be able to improve if I kept practising.  Moving forward from these images, I was struggling to translate them into drawing, as I could not achieve the same glowing effect. However I was not going to give up, instead I started  to experiment with material manipulation with various plastics and other materials.


This helped me a lot, as it gave me the opportunity to loosen up with the ideas and just play with what outcomes and materials I was creating. I am hoping over Christmas to gather more visual research and develop these current ideas even further, to really push the final outcomes to their limit.


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