Ba2a, YEAR 2

The wellbeing project is now over, and I can happily say I concluded the project with 4 prints that I am proud of. The collection – Fruity Fix – looks really fun and exciting and I believe I achieved my aim of designing for young children.

I am pleased that I listened to the feedback from the mid unit review which was to add text into the designs. It begins to give the designs a narrative, acting as a reminder to young children that fruit is tasty, which will hopefully prompt them into eating more of it. I felt it wasn’t necessary for text to be included in all of the designs as that starts to take away the light side, by becoming too serious. I believe the imagery alone in a few of the designs is strong enough to get across the reminder about remembering to eat fruit, without it being too full on, or too much for young children to read.

Once I had settled on these 4 prints as finals, I decided to create a product booklet which would show the four finals and their contexts. The aim of this was to display a variety of products in a professional manner, and I think it works better than if I had presented the designs on a board because there was such a variety of contexts I was willing to try that this was a clean and simple solution.

For hand in, one of the designs will be printed onto fabric, and the other 3 will be on paper, as most of the contexts are materials other than fabric.

Given more time, there is definitely room for me to progress this project even further forward, by actually producing some of the contexts or by interviewing schools/children to see their thought on the collection. However there are time restrictions and I cannot afford to overrun on this project however much I would like to.


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