Ba2a, YEAR 2

It is nearing the end of the project, and I am not far off from completing my collection of 4. The range of designs that I have fit together smoothly, and it is now about refining the selection to become a crisp and final collection.

I have managed to create a wide and varying selection of designs from a somewhat limited range of motifs. By changing the colour and having some more tonal designs, these become more sophisticated compared to the designs full of every colour, as these look too busy. I also prefer the designs where the scale is larger, however this does not show the repeat element of the design.

In the second series of designs I also began to work the designs onto a darker background rather than a lighter one. This really makes the bright motifs pop out however they do not seem to have as much of a playful feel in comparison to the ones on a white ground. However as this will be a collection of four, I will be able to include an example of each, and this will prevent the collection from being too similar.

I have applied some of these designs to a few different materials, before I began to place them in context. This helped me to consider possible outcomes.

I had 4 designs printed through the digital fabric printer, and I have also printed some designs onto acetate.

I have slightly changed my idea of context, it will still be for young children in schools but not necessarily solely in the school cafeteria area. The patterns are applicable to a variety of products and areas, and I have tried them in a stationary format as well. Within my research I have found a trend report on WGSN about mindful stationary, and I am using this as a prompt for my context, as I believe that having nice stationary makes us feel better, and I am hoping that it will be exciting and encouraging for young children.

Because of this, I am also considering going back to an older idea about including text within the design which will act as inspirational quotes. I didn’t follow the idea through the first time however now I feel it could possibly work quite well on some designs, and not even necessarily within the repeat, the quotes could just stand out in the foreground. This is definitely something for me to consider, even if they don’t become final designs.


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