Ba2a, YEAR 2

Since my last post I have begun to experiment with some designs and colours in the print room, and this has started to inspire some ideas for what I could produce for my four final designs.

Above shows some A3 paper print designs using pigment ink and binder. I prefer these dyes on paper as they don’t soak in to the paper and make it go soggy like procion dyes would. Because it doesn’t soak in, it has a slight raised surface above the paper and I feel the tactility of this is suitable for the way my designs are intended to be handled. By printing individual designs on each A3 sheet, this has given me the idea to think about larger scale pieces, and what context I could place them in within an educational environment. Along the idea of tactility and developing motor skills in younger children, I also discussed with John the idea of including a sensory element to the design, therefore I am researching whether it would be possible or not to infuse my designs with the scent of the fruit.

In addition to these prints, I also started to experiment with sublimation printing onto fabric. I find this a really loose and fun way to create prints, particularly because I enjoy working with collage in my sketchbook. I see this method as a form of collage printing, which means that the outcome is often unexpected and unpredictable, however this stops me feeling so constrained and restricted with my outcomes.

As you can see in the prints above, they are not constrained to the six colours shown in my colour palette. This is because with sublimation printing, every time you reuse the paper the colour fades a little. However the pigment is so strong it lasts for quite a few presses. I am pleased with this as it has added a tonal range to my designs, enhancing the depth – particularly of the negative space aspects.

I now feel the need to refresh my drawings and subject matter, therefore I plan to introduce vegetables, which will add variety to the shapes I have been using. Furthermore I plan to start drawing details such as the skin in more detail, in order to add a range of mark making to my work. I will then start to develop this digitally, as I can  apply that design to either screen printing, sublimation or simply fabric or paper. This does not mean to say my designs will then become flat, as I have the intention of working into them the tactility methods that I have already discussed.


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