Ba2a, YEAR 2

My newest project comes under the theme of wellbeing, where I must choose a certain aspect to portray through textiles. The outcome must be a collection of 4 designs which will all take the form of repeat pattern.

I have chosen to take my project down the route of promoting healthy eating for young children in schools. I believe this is such an important and ongoing issue, whereby young children are not receiving their 5 a day. It is my aim for my designs to promote fruit and vegetables as a fun and tasty option rather than junk food, and hopefully the designs will encourage them to choose healthy snacks at lunch and break times.

I started the project off with some simple fruit drawings, experimenting with line drawing with posca pens, and also using watercolour to create shapes and backgrounds.

This has given me a good start for my drawing, however to push the design development further forward I am going to experiment with the layering and repeat techniques that I learnt from the workshops with John. This will allow me to play around with my drawings and trial out different compositions and patterns. I have researched children’s pattern designers to help inspire me with content and layout as you can see in the images below.

Taking inspiration from Vanessa Waller – Mondaland, and big brand company Paperchase, I am looking at how other designs talk to young children and how they encourage healthy eating. Particularly like on the Paperchase lunch boxes, where the designs are placed in a relevant setting, linking the subject matter to the item it is placed on. i.e fruit on a lunchbox – acting as a reminder to eat healthily.

Over the next week I will use this research to begin to take some designs into the print room and start experimenting with colour and print compositions.


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