Sublimation Printing


Using the heat press is a really quick and fun way to generate print samples. I enjoy this method as it gives me the freedom of experimenting with paper collage yet the end result become embedded in the fabric.


By selecting my colour palette from adobe colour wheel, I got them printed onto sublimation paper, which then gives accurate results once is has been in the heat press.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 12.40.24

For the first sample I quickly cut different shapes, including lines, circles and rectangles, and lay them on the fabric in a roughly structured composition. I was focusing on how the colours sat on top of each other and how they blended once you reprinted them.


I then began to focus on circles and stripes, simple shapes that occur often on computer circuit boards, and that can be used to create many different exciting repeats and compositions.

The colours become faded the more you print them, which can be used to your advantage if this effect is what you require with your prints.

As you can see in image 3 above, I duplicated shapes but due to the colour fading, they are not too overpowering against the solid bright colours.



With image 4 (above) I began to include typography from my sketchbook. I think it works well however the letters are limited due to the piece of fabric being so small. In order avoid words being made, I rotated letters to accentuate the playful nature of the print.




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