Developing Prints


Using my colour palette and my sketchbook for inspiration, I started developing some larger prints that are more refined than my initial experiments.

To begin with I was only using paper stencils cut from newsprint, which works well but they are not reusable after you have printed with them. This is something to bear in mind which is why I stuck to simple shapes that were quick to draw yet relevant to what I have been working on.

As you can see from both samples I used the same yellow stripe motif yet changed the colour of the background. This helps me to see what amounts of colour work well together.

Instead of repeating the samples in different colours, I changed the imagery that went onto both of them in order to generate inspiration for composition.

With sample 1 I kept to the theme of repeat pattern, and used pigment ink with binder to apply a quarter circle shape in vertical lines. This has added rhythm to the print and also a little texture because of the way the binder sits on the fabric.

Sample 2 includes sections of typography, which contrasts what is happening in the background. Again this is applied with pigment and binder, and the bold clash of colours makes this piece appealing.


For a final touch I added foiled sections to the prints. At this point I have had a screen exposed with circuit board imagery, in order to replicate accurate lines and shapes on my prints.

The blue foil works well as it adds a subtle texture and shine that is not enough to distract you from the rest of the print yet still suggests a focal point.


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