Drawn to Cloth Workshop


This workshop was designed with the intention of getting us to open our minds as to new ways of drawing and collage. I prepared my fabrics with Magenta Red, Lemon Yellow and Turquoise Blue procion inks, and used this page from my sketchbook as the starting inspiration for my collage.

Scan 4

‘Spel’ Sketchbook Page

It was difficult initially not to just copy the page design, so for this reason I used the technique of choosing motifs to work with which would be easy to arrange into a design.

The magenta sample of cloth was used as the background, and I cut out from the yellow and blue which were backed with transfer adhesive. This helped to emphasise the idea of layering, which worked even better once I added elements of stitch.


The piece became texturally interesting once I added the non-textile material of magic tape, and I also feel it added another dimension. The more tape that was layered up, the more opaque it became. I would be interested to explore this further in a different design.


After this workshop I now feel confident that I can use collage and cloth more feely together and should definitely develop it as a way of drawing within my work.


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