Printing Experiments


I was feeling inspired after the repeat pattern workshop, so I decided to head down to the print room to experiment with possibilities in my work. I was interested in the build up of the layers, so I have used 3 different printing methods on all of my samples.

Base: I started with plain white cotton, and then dyed all the samples with procion, using either a cut out stencil from newsprint or just an open screen for a block of colour.

Layer 1: I then printed shapes over the top using pigment ink and binder. This was to create a solid colour over the top, rather than them blending together. I like the solidness of binder, and the rigid feel it brings to the fabric.

Layer 2: To add another texture that was certain to stand into the foreground, I opted for foiling. The metallic idea stemmed from looking at the circuit boards, which I noticed had a lot of silver lines running through them. The silver lifts the designs, and finishes off the layering with a strong focal point.

These designs have left me with a good understanding of my processes, and with new ideas for how to develop them further.




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