Large Scale Pattern


It is important to be selective with your colour palette, and before the workshop I had already started working in just CMYK colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key Black). My reasoning for these 4 colours is I am looking at computers which are linked to printers, and printers work by layering these 4 colours over each other to create further colours. Secondly, the products from the brand museum have all been printed out, therefore will have been generated from CMYK. Therefore, I have every reason to work with these colours yet not be limited to, as I can experiment with layering them over each other within my work which will lead to unexpected outcomes.


Scan 6



In this workshop we were beginning to develop our drawings into becoming a large scale pattern. By choosing between 4 and 6 motifs, we had to cut each motif out 6 times, and then rearrange them on the paper in a repeat pattern style. As I already had my chosen colour palette, I had prepared large pieces of paper in the appropriate colours, which gave me an advantage in having accurate colours.

I feel as though my design works well, the textures from the printed paper really give that handmade quality and add a bit of depth to an otherwise flat piece of work. The colours work very well together, however I feel the white background doesn’t allow the colours to pop as much as they potentially could. I also notice I did not use any black within the design, therefore I could try this again but on black paper to see how that colour way would work. Another way I could develop the design would be to rotate the motifs around, particularly the letter ‘P’. The rotation would add lively movement to the design and also help it look less like typography.

Completing this workshop has opened my eyes as to how simple it can be to create a design, and has inspired me to start working outside of my sketchbook more often. I am now aiming to complete a few more drawings, and then approach this way of working again, which I will then be able to move forward into printing onto cloth.




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