Finding Inspiration – Hybrid Conclusions


The aim for this project is to create a hybrid conclusion from two museum collections/archives. The first museum I chose to work from is ‘The Centre for Computing History’ in Cambridge (

I chose this museum because I knew it would be very interactive – I would be able to touch and use all of the machines, which would help me to get a better understanding of their materials and construction. Secondly, I knew that the internal parts of a computer could be very interesting with their visuals of colour and pattern, and I would have a lot to work from visually.

The second museum I am working from is ‘The museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising’ which is in London (

Packaging and brand typography is something I have always adored – the bold statement it makes from the shop shelf, and the beauty of looking at how brands have developed and refined themselves through time. I knew I would have a lot of material to work from with this museum, and I am interested in continuing my ongoing experiments with using typography in a way so that it does not always look like text in the work.


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