Computer Museum – Primary Drawing


I began my day with casual drawing, to help me get used to controlling the pen and help me realise what my main focus would be. I found it really helpful that I had pre-prepared my pages, which prevented me from working onto a white background. Although I did not have a specific colour palette in mind, I kept the colours pale so that I could use bold over the top which would therefore stand out. The acrylic paint gave a slight texture that worked well with my use of sharpie pens, plus the additional textured mark making on top that I applied with a sponge added contrast to the drawings I produced on top.

Initially I just drew simple line structures with coloured fine liner. The drawing below depicts a very small sections of the Megaprocessor, and it immediately shows elements of repeat pattern. (

Scan 2

Semi Circle Links


In the afternoon I set myself a taxonomy-like task, where I split up my page and decided to capture further elements of repeat pattern/structured line work that had potential to be set on repeat.

I found working with the bold primary colours was working best, particularly when drawn with the thicker pens. However the fine liner pens worked well for adding more detailed sections.

I will now go on to develop these initial drawings by using different textures and backgrounds to emphasise certain areas. For example, thinking back to use of mark making and using wet materials with the drawing, which is something I could not use in the museum. I will also create more relevant, collaged backgrounds to work onto. I will not focus on a colour palette until I have visited the other museum and studied the subject matter there as well.


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