Collage Workshop – Packaging Imagery


One of the creative drawing workshops I have undergone already was about using collage to draw with. Collage is a method I am definitely familiar and comfortable with, so I was excited to get started on creating pieces.

The workshop was set up to a time schedule, where we had approximately 20 minutes per collage, developing a new technique with each one we created. They were all to be A6 in size.

Collage 1

This is the most abstract collage I created, whereby I focused on using pieces that represented the photograph rather than cutting and drawing exactly the right shapes. It works well where the layers stick off the edges of the paper, allowing freedom of not being restricted to a box.

Scan 3

Collage 2

This collage was instructed to include use of line, and I decided to draw the typography onto the textured background. I think that this piece how it sits now is almost too ‘obvious’ with the text how it is, I would be interested to fill it up a bit more, then cut it up and collage it back together in a different way. This would then break up the boldness of the type and bring it back round to the idea of collage, rather than a drawing on top of a collaged background.

Scan 3 copy


Collage 3

The use of line was also a requirement with this third sample. I chose to keep it very simple, as the stripes in the background are very intense. I am pleased with the way I used chunks of magazine text to cut into larger letters, as I feel this adds depth and texture to what otherwise would be very plain. This contrast in textures is something I need to develop further, as this will help with the overall idea of hybrid within the project.

Scan 4


Collage 4

With this collage it was about focusing on layering. As I am familiar with Photoshop, I understand the importance of layers and how even a slight shift can change the entire look of a piece. I did not finish this collage in time to fill up the whole of the background, however it does begin to layer up well. The tracing paper allowed for you too see the underneath drawings, without them dominating and becoming too much to look at.

Scan 4 copy



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